NC Chapter of the Order of St Martin

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Formerly American Police and Fire Chaplain Association

The Order of St Martin, which is under the protection of Reformed National Catholic Church, is an ecumenical organization dedicated to supporting, training and general well fair of Police and Fire Chaplains. Though it should be noted that being so geared we are open to any Christian with an interest in chaplaincy of any kind. We are in our infancy at this time, but our goal is to be able to provide training, certification or verification of chaplains.

This Chapter, based out of Columbus County and headed by the Commanding Officer Father William Higginbotham, OSB, Capt. He can be reached through his church, the Church of Ireland in the Americas at . His phone number is 910 653 3388. He is now establishing and building the NC Chapter of the Order of St Martin. We eagerly are looking forward and invite any Christian chaplain or chaplain support to inquire about joining the order.

The national order, being under the protectionage of the Reformed National Catholic Church, that being the case, the Commanding Officer of the Order is the Presiding Bishop of that church, Alexander Joseph and his Executive Officer is Father Dylan Littlefield. The home offices are in Beacon Falls, Ct and the phone number is (860) 452-0564.