Archbishop William A. Higginbotham, OSB hails from Gaston NC and studied for a time at both St. Meinrad College Seminary and East Carolina University.  He was solemnly professed and ordained a deacon on May 9, 2009 by Archbishop Charles Klugart, SGS.  He was ordained to the priesthood and raised abbot on 10 February, 2010 by Bishop Gregory Godsey of the Ancient Apostolic Communion.  Under Bishop Godsey he served as the Church’s Chief Exorcist.  Upon the dissolution of the Ancient Apostolic Communion he joined the then Church of Ireland in N. America under Patriarch Archbishop Patrick Cronk, OSB and continued as Chief Exorcist and also took on duties as the Church’s Provost and Abbot Primate.  Archbishop William was consecrated a bishop by Archbishop Patrick Cronk, OSB, Archbishop Niel Christiansen, csef and Bishop David Biery on June, 7th 2012 and was later that year raised Archbishop and Archabbot by the Patriarch.  While fighting his battle with cancer, Patriarch Patrick named Archbishop William his successor and upon Archbishop Patrick’s passing to glory on 30 December, 2014, Archbishop William took over as Patriarch of the Church of Ireland in North America, which this then shortly thereafter renamed the Church of Ireland in the Americas.

Abp. William is a disabled veteran, Adjutant for the local post of the American Legion, Tabor City post 507.   He has two grown daughters and an open mind and heart.  

If we can serve you in anyway, please do not hesitate to call Fr. +William at home at 901 653 3388 or email him at

The Archbishop is now also a Chaplain with the Tabor City Police Department and can be reached through them if need arises.